SURVEY SAYS? Parent Engagement's Impact on Student Retention.

We know that today’s parents want to be involved in their student’s education. And we know that parent involvement can be extremely influential when it comes to admissions, retention and promoting student success. That’s why we created a parent engagement platform that turns parents into partners for colleges and universities.

Here’s the story of CampusESP’s impact, as told by the data.


Our overall email open rate is 51%.

Across all CampusESP customers, an average 51% of parents are reading our newsletters, alerts, and student data updates. Nearly half of all parents on our platform are regularly looking for more information on how to better support their student.


Engagement levels are even higher for certain key demographics.

We’re able to group parents into different demographic and interest “communities”, target content by community, and track engagement metrics at the individual and group level. These are our average engagement levels for some of your most critical communities:

  • Families of first-year students have a 55% average email open rate
  • Families of first-generation students have a 60% average email open rate
  • Families of prospective students have a 62% average email open rate
  • Families of international students have a 61% average email open rate


72% of parents using our platform say our technology helps them better advise or support their student.

Parents using CampusESP receive regular newsletters and alerts detailing upcoming opportunities on campus and important deadlines to be met. Our early alert system notifies parents when there is an impending financial aid deadline, a hold on their student’s account during registration, or an outstanding tuition bill. Many parents say they are even better informed than their student!


And the numbers are even higher for first-generation families!

77% of parents or family members who haven’t been to college themselves say that the information on our platform helps them better support their student through the college journey. We heard just how valuable our engagement is from the parent of a first-gen student at Abilene Christian University:

“The articles are very valuable to us as we are new to the whole college experience. Our son is a sophomore and the first in his family ever to attend college. Knowing about events and deadlines and schedule updates serves as a launching point for discussions and helps us as parents feel that we are connected to what is happening… without having to get all the details from our son.”


SURVEY SAYS… Parent and family engagement can help with student retention.

CampusESP sponsored an analysis of parent engagement and student retention at several partner institutions. The research shows that students whose families are more involved are more likely to persist and progress toward degree completion. Read more of our retention research HERE!


Interested in discussing what parent engagement can do for your institution? Let’s talk.