It’s been a while since I’ve been fired up about a new product in the higher education industry. CampusESP is one of the more innovative things out there that actually addresses real, core university challenges including retention and student success.
— Mallory Wood, Director of Marketing, mStoner, Inc.

You're not gonna believe this...

65% of college students share their passwords with their parents 

With single sign-on, if a parent has one password, they have them all.  CampusESP enables students to set and manage their privacy levels, sharing only what their parents need, without jeopardizing your data and security.


Electronic FERPA waivers


Provide parents insight into one of their biggest investments through electronic FERPA waivers that you control and students approve.

Single Sign-On Integration enables students to approve FERPA waivers using their regular college ID and password.

Student Tiles provide parents with infographic views that inform them of their student's progress and important financial details.


Fully configurable parent database


Collect the information you need, without requiring IT support.

Form Builder enables you to design on-line forms that become part of each parent's profile.  

Onboarding Surveys can be configured using drop-downs, radio buttons and more.  Survey responses can be used to automatically send content to parents, and all responses are downloadable into spreadsheets.



Push-button simple analytics


Easy-to-use reports and analytics give you a complete view of your parent engagement efforts.

Content Usage shows what parents actually read, so that you can refine your content development strategy and focus on the content that matters the most.

Email Open Rates monitor unique and overall open rates to insure a high return on your investment.


Remote management services


Managing your Portal takes less than an hour or two of your time. CampusESP can monitor your college’s Web pages, Facebook communities and other news sources and update the Portal for you.


Quick implementation


From design to deployment in 3 weeks.  Really.  We deploy our Portal based on best practices and your existing parent engagement structure.

Student Information System (SIS) Integration is pre-configured with standardized reports that make it easy to involve your IT department.

Import process for parent emails provides an easy way to onboard your parents to reach your users as quickly as possible.

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