Does parent involvement help a student's college?

What if you could grow your investment, just by checking on it every other day?

How’s your Apple stock doing? Check in on it a couple times a week and it magically goes up a few points. That’s essentially what our research finds when it comes to the impact of parent and family involvement on post-secondary academic success.

Parents who provide academic advice "often/very often" to their college students report student GPAs that are .5 higher than parents who "never/sometimes" provide academic advice. 

Unlike your refrigerator, where opening and closing the door won’t magically produce any results, checking in with your college student may actually HELP.

Our research is based on a survey of over 2400 college parent responses, across multiple colleges and universities. This survey is part of CampusESP's Parent Engagement Review service that measures the impact of parent involvement on recruiting, admissions, retention and giving. The results show the rising importance of parent involvement in post-secondary student success.

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