A New Year, a New Plan for Parent & Family Engagement

We've all said it, and we've all defined it - but are we really sure how to act on it?  "Parents [families] are partners" is such a solid plan to increase student success, yet most schools treat it as buzz words instead of action plans. 

What's your approach?

Our research with more than a dozen schools and 9,000 parents across the U.S.A. found that parents and families really want to be involved, yet most schools lack an outreach plan or steps. We've found that most parents would prefer communication via email - once a month, they noted - yet with our platform, most sign up for weekly updates.

At CampusESP, we use a 1.5x factor to guesstimate how many parents your school may 'have'. For example, a school of 7,500 students probably has around 11,250 parents/family members that are directly associated with students. Many students will probably have two parents; some have aunts and uncles (plus grandparents and maybe siblings) that are close student influencers, too. Each wants email outreach, and would also like to stay up to date with events on campus and deadlines that effect their student. And when to talk about internships and careers with their kids. And where to turn when they need help. 

That's 11,250 people - at minimum - that rely on your school help them become better coaches to their student. And keep the informed of what's going on. And let them know when registration and payment deadlines are, as they're most likely the number one nudger to their student.  With college being arguably their biggest expense family members will ever have, they're certainly in tune to your outreach strategy. 

What was that strategy, again? 

CampusESP helps manage your outreach efforts, with a newsfeed of current headlines and events - and it sends automated, personalized newsletters to each person. It'll also give them curated events and deadlines that are specific to their student's education.

Did we mention the alerts system? You can notify your parent & family populations of due dates, campus announcements, weather alerts, and the like - all with the click of a button in the CampusESP portal. 

Our partner schools note it takes less than two hours a week to manage. And, we handle all of the content mapping and even help curate content for the portal. 

All in all, CampusESP takes just two weeks to setup. Demos are free. Contact us today to help build your parent engagement strategy, and turn a new leaf in 2017!