Meet Enrollment Goals with Parent Engagement

Parent engagement for student success is not a foreign concept. Countless research finds that student academic achievements and outcomes are improved by providing and bolstering their support system - namely, their #1 influencer: their parents.

According to the Michigan Department of Education, successful parent engagement strategies help students be more successful, "regardless of socio-economic status, ethnic/racial background or the parents' education level". The MDE also reports that high school juniors and seniors make much more successful transitions to college when their parents remain involved throughout the process, while those whose parents are not involved are much more likely to not enroll. 

It's important to help 'nudge' these nudgers. Cognitive and emotional growth may be very student-centric, but their successes in the classroom and leading into successful graduation will be greatly affected by their support network. As our own research with more than 9,000 parents across the country found, parents are a student's main support system for 18 years of their life, and little changes after high school 

Parents can be most influential for college student success, if they know what to do, and how to do it. Providing them pertinent information at timely intervals makes them more confident in their ability to coach their students. With tools like CampusESP's 'drip campaigns', you provide the content and our system automatically distributes it at set intervals throughout the family's college career. Most of this information already exists to some extent; using it strategically to build better support systems is where schools hit speed bumps. 

What's your parent engagement strategy?  How does your school openly work with parents and families to build better admissions processes to help increase enrollment and retention?