Parent Engagement Drives Parent Fundraising

Many colleges and universities today are experiencing financial constraints when it comes to supporting student programs and enhancing the student experience. It can be difficult to find room in already tight budgets. That’s where the work of dedicated fundraisers comes in, and where parents can help fill the gaps.

Parents are different from most university donors. They aren’t necessarily alumni, or members of the local community that have direct ties to the school. However, their connection is still personal. After all, their student attends the school and they are invested in the success of both, which starts with school selection: 82% of families played an important role in helping their student decide which school to attend.

We also know that today’s college parents stay more connected with their children than ever before. In fact, they interact with their student over 13 times a week. As this level of contact grows, colleges are getting smarter about intentionally engaging these important influencers. Parent offices are being set up at many schools to coordinate communication, help family members with student issues, and plan special events to keep families connected.

Improved parent engagement can help drive student success and achievement of university goals. In fact, 72% of parents at schools using CampusESP to centralize their communication efforts say that they are better prepared to help their students.

But it goes beyond student success. 70% of parents are open to staying involved with their student’s school, even after graduation. That is a big opportunity to create long-lasting relationships and through intentional engagement promote parent giving opportunities.

Platforms like CampusESP provide the ability to personalize parent messaging, track the most engaged parents (as well as giving opportunities) and cultivate relationships that will persist even after their student graduates.