Ovum On the Radar: CampusESP

Ovum, an international research and consulting firm, has featured CampusESP in its latest “On the Radar” report. “On the Radar” highlights vendors bringing innovative ideas, products, or business models to their markets.

The following report summary speaks to the potential of CampusESP and parent engagement to “contribute meaningfully to the success of institutional goals, such as fundraising campaigns and higher enrollment or retention numbers.” The full report can be accessed HERE.




One of the most important contributors to student success is parental support – but parents often lack detailed information or access to the financial, academic, programming, and other on-campus decisions that students make. CampusESP is an engagement platform that connects parents with their students and the institution, sending them timely and useful information (e.g., about deadlines, events, and academic achievements) to enhance student success.

Key messages

  • CampusESP is a parent and family engagement platform that provides parents and families with specific and relevant information related to their students' success.

  • With the additional "student connection" option, students sign a FERPA waiver granting their parents access to specific parts of their academic and financial records.

  • A parent engagement platform can further boost institutional success by supporting enrollment, retention, and fundraising goals.

  • An advanced analytics dashboard supplies institutions with insight on how to communicate more effectively with parents and increase the impact of their campaigns.

  • Clients of CampusESP include Auburn University, Penn State University, and Baylor University.

Ovum view

CampusESP's ability to provide parents with access to financial and academic information regarding the student experience can increase student success and lead to greater parent and student satisfaction with the overall university experience. An engaged parent community can contribute meaningfully to the success of other institutional goals, such as fundraising campaigns and higher enrollment or retention numbers.

Recommendations for institutions

Why put CampusESP on your radar?

A parent engagement platform like CampusESP provides useful intelligence and the ability to enhance student success for all families, and it offers particular value for groups that might require additional assistance and guidance, such as those with first-generation students, first-year students, a minority background, or a lower socioeconomic status. Schools looking to increase retention and recruitment may benefit from CampusESP, as research demonstrates that two of its client institutions have respectively increased recruitment by 30% and persistence by 15%.


For the full Ovum On the Radar report CLICK HERE