Meet AHEPPP: Your resource for development of family programs

Snowplow, stealth bomber, submarine, helicopter... take your pick on which label is handed out to describe overly-involved collegiate families. Today, in the shadows of the “Varsity Blues” scandal, many colleges and universities, the media, and even families of college students themselves are second-guessing what the role of family involvement should be. But we know better. We know that student success can be directly linked to guidance from a mentor or family member who believes in their student. Strong retention rates, quality decision-making, and on-time graduation are often achieved with healthy sideline influence from family members or supporters.

College and university administrators recognize that we live in a world where schools are no longer accepting only students— instead we engage entire families and support systems. Labels such as advisors, partners, and champions are popping up in admissions packets, orientations, family weekends events and general marketing. Family involvement in the collegiate experience is here to stay.


A little over 10 years ago, AHEPPP: Family Engagement in Higher Education became the premier national association for campus-based professionals who work with the parents and families of college students. With a true desire to engage families from acceptance to graduation, eight AHEPPP founding members and trailblazers in family engagement created a national presence and membership organization to support the practitioners working with collegiate families. Some examples of the support we provide:

  • CAS Standards can help professionals establishing a new parent & family programs and assess current programs and offices.

  • Shared Polls and Survey Questions help professionals unsure of how to begin to assess their parents. Questions and response options are provided.

  • National Survey Data provides data on the current state of our field.

AHEPPP also provides valuable resources, networking opportunities, and continuing education to support for family engagement. Today, AHEPPP is comprised of 500 brilliant scholars, practitioners, fundraisers and partners, like CampusESP. One of the gifts AHEPPP provides is an instant community (a professional family!) of college administrators who understand the impact of leveraging parent involvement for student success.


We invite you to join us for our National Conference November 4-6 in Portland, Oregon as we explore best practices; collaborate with colleagues; and discuss data and trends influencing family engagement in higher education. AHEPPP is for anyone, regardless of title on campus, who works with families and student supporters in some way. Come be a part of the conversations on why families matter!

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