CampusESP is your all-in-one platform for parent and family engagement.

Personalized newsletters, student data alerts, and a web and mobile experience help you leverage parent involvement to support your retention, recruiting and fundraising goals. Find out how more than 200,000 parents are using our system today.


Keep Parents Connected and Focused on Student Success.

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  • Automated and fully personalized newsletters deliver regular updates on campus news, events and deadlines to keep parents informed and engaged.

  • Targeted announcements help you communicate urgent messages in a matter of minutes and capture parents’ attention.

  • Event registration makes it easy for parents to sign up for campus events using their existing CampusESP profile.

  • Social integration and one-click-share allow parents to send critical information directly to their student, or share news with their friends and family across different channels.


“The information we receive helps us keep our student informed and on track. I'm now able to discuss things that are occurring on campus with my daughter.”

- Coastal Carolina University Parent


Boost Student Persistence.

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  • Electronic FERPA waivers provide parents insight into one of their biggest investments. Parents request access to academic and financial records, students decide what to approve, and the system takes care of the rest!

  • Student tiles present updated information and infographic views to inform parents about their student's academic progress and financial details.

  • Prescriptive alerts send automated emails to parents about new holds, grades and bills (sorry parents!) on their student’s accounts. Content links are included to coach parents on how to step in and help out.


Collect the Data You Need, Without Requiring IT Support.

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  • A fully configurable parent database allows you to track engagement levels and store parent information in order to identify and communicate with key family members.

  • Form builders can be customized using dropdowns, checkboxes and more to collect event registration or contact information. Responses become part of the parent’s profile.

  • A customizable onboarding survey helps you collect the parent information you need up front. Onboarding responses determine which personalized content parents will receive, and all data is downloadable.


“I have had more people go out of their way to thank me and tell me how great the portal is in the last month than I have had in the 4 years I’ve been working.”

— Tess Gibson, Parent and Family Programs Coordinator at Auburn University


Access Powerful Analytics You Can Understand.

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  • Easy-to-use charts and graphics help you monitor open rates, click rates and the content parents are actually reading, so that you can refine your communication strategies and ensure a high return on your investment.

  • Community analytics show you open rates, click rates and membership levels across demographics to help you identify trends between different parent groups.

  • Automated monthly engagement reports provide a birds-eye view of how parents are using the portal and evaluate the success of your initiatives.


Level Up Your Parent Program.

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  • Curated content and remote portal management services allow you to focus on what matters. CampusESP monitors your webpages and updates the portal for you with timely, relevant information designed to keep your parents connected and focused on student success.

  • Drip campaigns automate parent communication and send critical information on a schedule to reduce your administrative burden.

  • Moderated commenting makes it easy to reply directly to parent questions, reject unwanted comments, and maintain a positive, student-focused tone.


“I went on vacation for three weeks last summer and the portal ran itself. I scheduled posts ahead, the newsletter sent themselves, and I didn’t have to think about a thing.”

— Cyndy Hill, Director of Parent Programs at Penn State University


Go Live Quickly with an Easy Implementation.

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  • From design to deployment in two weeks. Really. We deploy our portal based on best practices and your existing parent engagement structure.

  • Student Information System (SIS) Integration is pre-configured with standardized reports that make it easy to involve your IT department.

  • Import process for parent emails provides an effortless way to onboard your parents and reach your users as quickly as possible.


"We implemented CampusESP in May and by October we already experienced over three times as many family members at our first family program of the semester!"

— Gretchen Doenges , Assistant Director, Student Transition and Family Engagement at Texas A&M University-San Antonio


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