WEBINAR: Level up your parent communication (in less than 3 weeks)

November 19 at 2pm EST (30 minutes)


You’ve got Mailchimp or Constant Contact, but is it working for you?

CampusESP can help you reach more parents and track the impact you are having on campus. The overall open rate for CampusESP emails targeted to families of first-year students, families of first generation students and families of prospective students is over 60%.

Join CampusESP’s CEO, Dave Becker, to learn about CampusESP’s parent communication platform and how:

  • Automated and fully personalized newsletters deliver regular updates on campus news, events and deadlines to keep parents informed and engaged.

  • Targeted announcements help you communicate urgent messages in a matter of minutes and capture parents’ attention.

  • Event registration makes it easy for parents to sign up for campus events using their existing CampusESP profile.

  • A fully configurable parent database allows you to track engagement levels and store parent information in order to identify and communicate with key family members.

  • From design to deployment in three weeks. No IT support needed.

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WEBINAR: Increase student persistence up to 15% through parent engagement

November 21 at 2pm EST (30 minutes)


Student Persistence Increases with Parent Engagement features findings based on 993 students enrolled in the study at Abilene Christian University (ACU) in the Fall of 2016.

Results showed that 82.5% of the 396 connected students persisted to the second year of college. In comparison only 72.4% of the 597 students who were not connected to parents persisted.

Join CampusESP’s CEO, Dave Becker, to learn about CampusESP’s parent communication platform and how:

  • Electronic FERPA waivers and Student tiles present information and infographic views to inform parents about their student's academic progress and financial details.

  • Prescriptive alerts send automated emails to parents about new holds, grades and financial aid details on their student’s accounts. Content links are included to coach parents on how to step in and help out.

  • Community analytics show you open rates, click rates and content engagement across key demographics, such as parents of first generation students.

  • Student Information System (SIS) Integration is pre-configured with standardized reports that make it easy to involve your IT department.

  • Real ROI data to support your investment…and time.

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The CampusESP Customer Success Summit

November 4 - Portland, OR


Gather with your colleagues in beautiful Portland and learn how you can level up your parent program. Join us for a full day of hands-on training, expert best practices, and case studies presented by our very own customers (you!). Discover how you can leverage technology to:

  • Reach more families

  • Strengthen enrollment efforts

  • Improve student success

Learn insider tricks for making the most of CampusESP, and compare notes with colleagues who are as passionate about parent engagement and student success as you are!



Registration will include two meals, beverages, all materials for The Summit, and some super fun CampusESP swag.

Please send us an email at support@campusesp.com to receive case studies from the Summit!