We know that today’s parents want to be involved in their student’s education. And we know that parent involvement can be extremely influential when it comes to enrollment, retention and promoting student success. That’s why we created a parent engagement platform that turns parents into partners for colleges and universities.

CampusESP helps colleges and universities focus parent involvement on student success. Read on to see how we’re making a difference at schools across the country.

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When parents are more engaged, students are more likely to persist and progress towards degree completion. We looked at the connection between parent involvement levels and student retention rates at schools that have implemented CampusESP. The data shows that students connected to their parents are up to 15% more likely to persist. 


Minority populations have the highest levels of student engagement. African American, Latino, and first-generation college families are most frequently communicating with their students and seeking information on how to better support them. Connecting with these families is an opportunity to inform those who want it--and need it--the most.

“The articles are very valuable to us as we are new to the whole college experience. Our son is the first in his family ever to attend college. Knowing about events, deadlines and schedule updates serves as a launching point for discussions and helps us as parents feel that we are connected to what is happening.”
— Parent of a first-generation student at Abilene Christian University.


Parents using CampusESP receive regular updates about opportunities on campus, important deadlines, and student data changes. 72% of parents on our platform say it helps them better advise or support their student... and many say they are even better informed than their student!

"It is hard to imagine a more promising, cost-effective, and personalized approach to increasing student success." -- George D. Kuh, Chancellor’s Professor Emeritus of Higher Education at Indiana University


“As out-of-state parents of a UNC student, we appreciate being able to stay connected to the University and events happening in and around Chapel Hill. My son and I have a more shared experience because I am aware of what’s going on. It makes me feel connected to day-to-day life at UNC, and it helps bridge the gaps when you’re at a distance.”
— UNC-Chapel Hill parent.


Parents using CampusESP say that the level of engagement we provide helps them feel more connected to their student, more connected to their student’s school, and more likely to maintain ties with the institution. For many families, student success represents family success.

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Today’s parents play a critical role in college admissions. Parents are involved at all levels of the admissions process, influencing what schools their children apply to, which campuses they visit, and where they ultimately enroll. Results show that the enrollment rate for students with engaged parents in the CampusESP Family Portal are more than 30% higher.



We send parents the information they want, when they want it. The overall open rate for our emails, newsletters and alerts is over 50%. And engagement levels are even higher for certain key demographics:

  • Families of first-year students have a 61% email open rate

  • Families of first-generation students have a 64% email open rate

  • Families of prospective students have a 63% email open rate

“With a parent and family staff of 2.5 FTE for the University Park campus, the ability to easily reach families, target messages to specific populations, and track our engagement is invaluable. Prior to the CampusESP portal rollout, we were preparing and sending emails without knowing if parents were receiving the information. The Parent and Family Experience has transformed the way we communicate with University Park families.”
— Cyndy Hill, Director of Penn State Parents Program

Read what parents are saying about CampusESP.


“I just want to let you know - this is a great service. I am about to send my only son off to Tarleton, and the links and information on this page are great. I can not wait to read through it all. Thank you for caring about the parents and helping them transition just as much as the kids transition.” -- Tarleton State University First-Year Parent


“The Coastal Family Experience is a great site. Thanks for offering it and providing a place to find almost all the information we need, without having to search all over for it.” -- Coastal Carolina University Parent




“I find it helpful to know about events, deadlines and schedule updates. This serves as a launching point for discussions and helps us feel that we are connected to what is happening… without having to get all the details from our daughter. As her parents and as the ones paying the bills, it is very appropriate for us to be included and feel like we are part of the Wildcat family!” -- Abilene Christian University Parent



“Finally! A way for us to know what's happening on campus!” -- Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Parent



“Sometimes my student is so focused on her classwork that she misses some of the information that the university sponsors. The information that we receive in the newsletters helps us keep her informed and on track. I'm now able to discuss things that are occurring on campus with my student.” -- Coastal Carolina University Parent


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“Thank you for having this. I feel better reading these articles with an incoming freshman this fall. Thank you for being here for us newbies!” -- Penn State University First-Year Parent




“I loved the way you've organized the parent portal. It has so many links to stay involved with my student’s progress and updated information. The communication between the university and parents is perfect. Thank you in advance for all of your effort with our student and parent communication.” -- Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Parent


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